Body, Mind, Spirit; Consulting and Care.

Offering the seeds of Higher Consciousness for those interested in attaining enlightenment and the wisdom of the soul.


The Breath of Spirit is a spiritually infused environment offering divine universal communion. Here, spirit speaks to reawaken the sacred soul to ascend the human condition and embrace higher consciousness.

Understanding Spirit Messages; You do not need to understand the language or the message as a whole as spirit messages speak directly with the soul. Simply read the message slowly, one phrase at a time while writing down (or hi-lighting) any parts of the message that you are led to pause, reread or ponder especially anything that you are emotionally reactive to, judging, questioning or pondering over is as that will be directly “for you” to gain higher understanding, which is the sole reason spirit shares these messages ~ wisdom for the souls flight.

Please feel free to request a personal soul message from spirit. Messages come through as spirit deems and specifically for your souls awakening but if you have a specific subject request feel free to inquire about it.




It is by the invisible breath of spirit, that we each exist with interconnected sacred purpose.


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