Cleansing and Aligning Meditation Message

Many people are seeking affirmations/prayers/mantras etc to help keep the mind and spirit aligned with focus and forward direction. I have been performing this meditative communion every night before sleep, for about a month now – and it does empower and initiate everything that is written within it. So, I thought I would share it for those seeking to regain their focus. Feel free to make it your own and commune with whomever you feel most comfortable communicating.

“Hear me thy Universe God, Christ light, Divine guardians, spirits of love, peace, and prosperity – my guides, fluid source, and my spirit soul… I stand in honor of your guidance and blessings completely and always enveloped within divine light, love, and infinite wisdom.

Thank you, all my relations, for entrusting me with your vision, presence, wisdom, and communication and for always leading me with Grace in all of my ways and moments.

I Am filled with the power of your strength purpose, gifts of the spirit, and inspiring Miracles moving through me, with me, as me, and I, as you.

As I rest each night I Am cleansed of all Earthly energies that are non-harmonious to my pure body, mind, spirit, and consciousness.
As I wake each morning I Am fully rejuvenated, healthy, and clearly aware of my sacred purpose.
I move through each day joyfully aware of the divine presence and sacred resources – as they are firmly grounded in my being, words, thoughts, hands, and actions.

I Am a shining extension of your energies as a light within the Matrix of sacred creation – moving through all moments with intuited knowing and expanded vision.

Bless all creations, all minds, and all that I Am – as I bring forth sacred resources of truth, spiritual gifts of the soul, and the origin of love unto mankind. Amen.”


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