Michael delivers… Behaviors

“You hath each seen the ways of many truths and yet (still) set free the notions to guide the ways abruptly.
You shall intervene upon the unnecessary times just as you are charged with doing so. Intervene and show the new ways to rectify the illness of others (behaviors)

You each hath been charged with shining light on the moment thee is within – yet need to stand empowered and unaccepting of the ills (behaviors)
This is your match.

Stay not in acceptance of illness (rather) stand in and intervene sharing only the ways communing and moving WITHIN YOU.
For once wisdom truth leaves within and enters thought (editing) – all intuited then, becomes false knowledge.

Though you perceive moments (circumstances) not to be yours to deal (with) they are. All moments (in) life are charged with the light of love and balance and it is all life who charges themselves to cease or nourish the harmful behaviors.

You shall behave as new with your staff in focus. Seek your magic and use its power to sync Many transformations upon the ill and shelter the non-ill. You shall see. You, them, all, and everything is charged with the source of speaking sparkling information upon the imbalance. Each may use it to Be – and to be set free.
Be still, Rest to be well. “end communion”