“2019 Monthly Focus Messages”

The angelic animal messengers of 2019 shine forth their wisdom helping us All recall our perfect nature within. Simultaneously, they will empower each of us and every experience to bring our lifelong purpose from within – outward. This is shown to be revealed at the new and full moon of each month. The wisdom and experiences are related to the message of each month as provided below.

Minding the Messages… Focusing on the message that each month offers can help us flow through our experiences and shed any intense energy. You may find also, that your experiences throughout the month will match the theme of its message. It will help to memorize the message at the beginning of each month by writing it out four times each, upon waking and sleeping.

The overall focus for the year is shown to revolve around the main consciousness of… “We become enlightened not by knowledge, but by lighting the pathway for others as they walk through darkness.”

Cold Mentors us in December with the focus message… “Love is an eternal presence of Togetherness not to be used for self-gratification.” Cold and harsh, December will likely bring forth battles needing healing.

Wolf Mentors us in January with the focus message… “We are born as Love – not a skeptic. Harness your inner spirit and all doubts will be healed.” You may want to look up wolf medicine ( land animals) for deeper personal insight.

Snow Mentors us in February with the focus message… “Even if you have to get dirty – go to great lengths to show how beautiful you are inside” This will likely be a divine driven cleansing moon

Worm Mentors us in March with the focus message… “Don’t underestimate your presence. In every moment you are influencing someone’s world.” You may want to look up worm medicine (insect animals) for deeper personal insight.

Pink Mentors us in April – “Demanding that things go “your way” – blocks you from receiving greater miracles.” The moon will likely revolve around friendships and love.

Flower Mentors us in May with the focus message… “You get to choose who rides on your back and also, who walks by your side.” The moon will likely revolve around the extra-sensory senses

Strawberry Mentors us in June with the focus message… “It’s easy to shine with good thoughts. To truly glow, however, requires action from the soul.” The moon will likely revolve around nourishment

Buck Mentors us in July with the focus message… “When you feel that people are fencing you in – Set yourself free. Just trot away.” You may want to look up deer/buck medicine ( land animals) for deeper personal insight.

Sturgeon Mentors us in August with the focus message… “See what grows in front of you and within you. All behind you has already been grazed.” You may want to look up sturgeon medicine ( aquatic animals) for deeper personal insight.

Harvest Mentors us in September with the focus message… “We can live as a warrior or survive as a victim. Either way, our spirit is always perfect.” The moon will likely revolve around reaping what has been sown upon you or what you have sown upon others.

Hunters Mentor us in October with the focus message… “All living things are sacred. Mankind should exceed their grasp of what is heaven for?!” The moon will likely revolve around attack and all things related to hunting.

Beaver Mentors us in, November with the focus message… “The mind cannot form an idea of what “To be” without the contrast of what “Not to be.” You may want to look up beaver medicine ( land animals) for deeper personal insight.

I’m intuiting that the best thing that we can do for ourselves this next year is recite and write the calendar message daily throughout the month and honor every animal and its message while relying fully on intuition and sensory communications.

Everything generated by mankind is an illusion – smoke and mirrors so to speak. We are likely to learn this quite clearly throughout 2019 so shape-shifting, sensing, and relying solely on our own intuition will help us balance all related to the “old” 3D alien race.

When the days get too crazy –
or people dance on your last nerve…
simply recall the message of the month
and you won’t get perturbed!

As we are led to journey life, in a new way –
perceive not what is a right or wrong choice…
Embrace your spirit, instead, and use your higher voice.

So how we choose… so shall we be.

Blessings, All My Relations. May you keep your mind to the cosmos, your face to the Sky and your heart united with all that is beyond earth.