2019 – The Animal Messengers year to reveal…

As channeled, Animals will be the main spirit guides through 2019. Their energy, focus, guidance, and direction are shown to be heightened and best understood during the full moons of each month. This is when their (and our own) clarity and shape-shifting will be most powerful, active and visible. That clarity begins with January’s full wolf moon and every full moon thereafter. The animal message for each month applies throughout the entire month. Each month’s message is shown to increase during the seven-day span of both the full and new moon (three days before and after each full and new moon.)

The term Animals include every living organism and multi-organism from visible organisms, invisible multi organisms, people, plants, insects, land, air, sea, mythological, pre-historic and so on. If its a living system – it’s a multi-organism species interconnected with the ability to move and be moved.

Much like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon and spreading its wings – so too do you, in every timeline and every dimension of being.

Atmospheric Animals begin mentoring in December. This time opened the universal wormhole so to speak to where the alchemical messengers (gods and goddesses) begin changing position making room for the animal messengers to vibrate (enter) into the world of matter. This change of position has initiated cold and harsh situations for some light servers due to it being the last kick, so to speak, into fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Animals and all experiences for the next year come with purposeful energy to align us with understanding and learning how to use our shape-shifting abilities to neutralize destruction and chaos. Animal communication and messaging will be on the increase so be sure to read about each message they bring to you personally.

To flow with the ascension energies we need only connect and honor each animal that appears to us. These animal messengers are of the first angelic consciousness (the original angels having animal traits and heads) They are the beginning source of consciousness moving through creation as a whole and also, our guides, guards, and catalysts of 2019’s awe-inspiring life experiences.

The main focus to remember in all moments is … “Do as an animal shows you and peace love and harmony will reign far above and beyond the material world”

They will shine forth their wisdom helping us All recall our perfect nature within. Simultaneously, they will empower each of us and every experience to bring our lifelong purpose from within – outward.

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