The Original Totem… Preparing self for 2020

I am sharing this translated ancient work from 11th century AD, written by Ancient Indian leader Atisa as it is tethered to the Angelic Animal messengers of 2019. Message received is that… each of us will be receiving 5 Animal guides to complete our ascension Totem. Some people will receive their animal guides all in one week at the beginning of the year while others will receive them slowly throughout the year. The final totem itself is received to be the blueprint guide for the rest of our living service.

How do you distinguish your Angelic Totem Animal from being just a standard event?… Well, first you must KNOW that there is no standard event! Everything, especially that which grabs our attention is communion from the beyond sources. If it makes you ponder then it is FOR you. Just Intuit.

How to keep the focus – Simply make a chart or write on your calendars each “out of the blue” or “oddly placed” appearance of animals. Actually, I am now receiving put it on calendars as the monthly animal messages are related to their appearance and will play into the final totem message. As they appear to you, you must understand and honor their message, either by, intuiting or looking up their message under the “Animal Messengers” in the category bar by  the type of animal (aquatic, land, air, etc.) To receive their power and communion we must study upon the message and bring that wisdom and action into our lifestyle, mindset and/or focus. Their messages will not only be our gifts but also,  “medicine” for our body.

At the end of the year, you may intuit which five are the final totem guides. Note them in chronological order as they appear as the first animal messenger is shown to relate to the self, the second messenger; the body, third; the mind, fourth; the spirit-soul, and fifth; the consciousness.

ATISA’S MESSAGE written so long ago, for this very moment in time.

For the Self
The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest action is not conforming with the ways of others.

For the Body
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest instruction is continual awareness.
The greatest effort is to not expect results.

For the Mind
The greatest meditation is a mind that receives.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.

For the Spirit-Soul
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest magic is transmuting emotions into passions.

For the whole (Infinite Consciousness)
The greatest wisdom is… seeing beyond the illusions of perception by sensing and understanding Great Creator’s language in all moments.


2019 will take a lot of devotion and time allotted to the self-care and self-reflection. That is the only way that spirit beyond can commune and assist us is when we are OPEN, away from the afflictions of others by being in quiet meditative moments. So, writing, creative works, and meditative states will likely become heightened.

Remember that this year is “preparing us” for 2020, “The year of Truth” so doing whatever we can to speak the truth that runs through us is paramount in attaining health, wellness, and freedom from the afflictions of others and the earth.

Oh yes, a note about speaking your truth. Here’s the way truth flows. When you are PLACED into a situation to deal with you will sense, feel, hear or receive an inner communication take place WITHIN YOU. THAT communication is the only pure truth. If you edit it, sugar-coat it, change it or ignore it in any way – the truth has been dishonored and destroyed. We will then vibrate and reflect ourselves energetically as “a Liar.”

Also, we are not to go seeking out to speak our truth. Don’t go looking to express your truth if you have not been “put in” an experience to share it. PURE Truth only comes when we are “IN” a moment or experience. Being “in” a moment is perfectly placed, perfectly aligned and designed to unfold at the perfect divine time.

This year we are learning to distinguish Self-truth Vs. Pure divine truth. I know it sounds easy but if you find that you want to be devoted to the pure truth of spirit and function as your spirit being here on Earth – it’s not going to be easy. Self Vs. Truth, and I Vs. Spirit is never easy but the result, either way, will always be miraculous!

The first step (and requirement) to spiritual freedom will be to achieve Atisa’s first writing…. achieve selflessness through mastering self-worth. This can only be embraced by Not conforming with the ways of others. Hence, the need for pure Truth.

As received, by the end of the year, we will have been challenged and/or moved through Atisa’s entire writing. We will have also received our five animal totem guides. The consciousness of the writing and final totem are set to guide us into 2020 AND the rest of our lifetime... in spiritual service on earth.  Do Not be discouraged – even the worlds greatest spiritualists and masters have not embraced all of Atisa’s writing consistently.

A head’s up note… If your body becomes symptomatic, sick, lifeless, etc we should take that communion as a sign that we are not speaking the pure truth and aligning with the spiritual gifts within Atisa’s writing.

As spirit animals ourselves, interconnected with the whole, our body will always direct us perfectly. Our only duty is to listen and follow its guidance. 2019 is set to inform us of such perfection.

P.S. Many may have already received (or will by the 31st) an animal messenger appearance as a message to close to out the year 2018. Check the message of the animal to see if you are aligned with its essence. If not, just try to align your mind with its consciousness before the new year begins. Now, I am now off to align with stinkbug medicine!

See the next post “Animal Totem Image” for a printable fun image to work with your messengers.

Blessings To All!