Men behind the podium…

Hypocrisy of the soul; “Believing that only certain people are sacred and  divinely chosen to lead the people.”

A little man-made license in divinity is contradicts spiritually. The communion and teachings of the spirit is so much larger than any paper a man can provide you. Not to mention spirit knows so much more than the men behind the podium governing what can and can’t do with their little paper.

Including churches… People don’t need ONE person standing behind a podium reading from a book, sharing their personal ideas about what scripture may mean. We need a congregation of people stepping up to the podium to share their miracles and awakenings. But that probably wouldn’t be allowed by the humans ruling in the church.

Everyone speaks the language of divine spirit in different ways. We are designed that way because no two minds think or understand alike.

Everyone through the gift of life, is chosen.

True divinity dwells in the soul of our spirit. No paper, college or robe will ever be more powerful. The spirit of the people make up the congregation… it’s not the other way around. Without the input of our brothers and sisters,  a man behind a podium is just a man behind a podium.

Suggestion for Church rulers awakening to the new world of divine love and unity among the people… Why not call your brothers and sisters to the podium and let them speak and share their glorious living experiences with God, instead of appointing One man speaking what’s been trained…or ingrained.

Let us all remove our podiums from our pasture. It’s more divine and spiritually beautiful when the herd works together.

Just sayin’