Our Universe and our cellular health…

Our universe evolves which cellularly, involves us and all Life.

This year, among many other events, there are two areas we should probably make a mental note of especially when traveling, using navigation and our health.

1. Earth’s magnetic field is changing so quickly that researchers have been forced to update to the World Magnetic Model ahead of schedule.
The model is widely used for precision navigation of devices ranging From nuclear submarines To the common smartphone. Navigational systems, and cell phones may be affected. Which being frequency and radiation driven, may increase absorption into the cells of living things.

2. E-RAD is a new model of aviation radiation from Spaceweather.com and Earth to Sky Calculus. It can predict how much cosmic radiation a passenger will absorb flying on any commercial jet across the USA. Cosmic rays penetrate the hulls of commercial aircraft. At typical cruising altitudes, pilots, flight attendants and passengers typically receive a dose rate 40 to 70 times higher than natural radiation on the ground below. The higher a plane flies, the more radiation it receives. This has prompted the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) to classify pilots as occupational radiation workers–just like nuclear power plant engineers.

Space weather.com provides a list of flights that will be in the radiation hot zone.

Research further as led as our health from here on greatly depends on our awareness.