A.A. Michael delivers;

Michael delivers… “Kindness takes heart in the eyes of those watching your ways.

Keep ways of heart open and each shall witness and receive more time upon their works. In the morn fit the day nourished.

Your spirit (connectivity and self-healing actions) shall be done in evening when home and silenced.

The logs of your days need recording for sharing so (others) may see beyond the day. We realize to energy, your vast and diverse paths become overwhelming, and eventually amusing, so it does no good right to keep to self the much.

Information comes in all areas hence need to record. Cease seeking those things and peoples not sent to you upon your path and you shall bequeath the wisdom and time to sort all duties. Guidance is.

We all send and you shall ease both (opposing) Energies by balance. Should each practice in the morn (before) going to the out-world, kind rest (will) be upon you.

Do not worry over the ones in illness. They have great purpose. You each must accept all aspects of creation and fly with destiny of soul. All is well.

Rest, for the makings of sharing your energies increase. End channel.