Releasing Religious Dogma share…

Releasing Dogma and Human Judgment…

Jen, I looked up dogma to ensure that I understood its meaning. To me it means the last threads of anything of my Baptist upbringing will be purged.  And I will welcome that to be free.
Most of what I have been meditating on each night is what has been crumbling down from how I was raised, how I raised my daughter. I think we as humans are so arrogant to think we are the only planet in this ever-expanding universe that divine intelligence put life on. And for that same divine intelligence to send one person to save us from lava. I do believe Jesus was divine life in human form, and that he came to show us HOW to life, and he is our friend and brother. I don’t know I believe he died to save us from hell anymore. I AM purging religious dogma.
I have been feeling that I AM receiving sight to see through things. And that I will gain spiritual power because I AM actively working to let go of the religion that oppressed and tried to wipe out my people.
That is what I feel I have to do.

My husband almost accused me of turning my back on Jesus, and I have not done that at all. I just think my ancestors are telling me I need to let that European savior business go, as THAT is not my truth. I am noticing and following the signs.


Response – I was actually led to this very subject yesterday. What I received is quite simple. There was one “something“ that began everything – AKA, Source/God – the first and only Consciousness, which gave way to everything else thereafter… And all that thereafter is not apart from it, but WITHIN IT. Pretty cut and dry to me. Meditate on this for your own guidance and direction. But, for me it blew any and all dependency upon hierarchy, titles, names, and positions right out of the water.

Referencing religious text, your statements brought to mind a little saying about having No others Gods before the One, creator (AKA father). I feel that likely really means NO ONE – be it a deity, yourself or your husband. haha. 

I have always received that once our being is in likeness of the great walkers, such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and so on. It is through their presence, we escape conformity and instead have genuine unity and love filling us. Then, we have ascended beyond the perception of having to repent (and all the other fear based words used to control people.) I have found that many people conveniently forget that (per biblical text) Jesus didn’t conform or follow mankind at all. He followed the creator. If you are told in churches to follow Jesus and his ways then why should you feel branded for doing the same? You shouldn’t.

We don’t need levels of hierarchy to define our love, faith, and divinity and we sure don’t need to prove anything to human kind. Faith is within and spirit knows our truth and THAT is all we should concern ourselves with.

When people impose their hypocrisy upon you I want you to think about one thing. Look back and compare how you felt when you were under the vice grip of human religion. Then, look at how you feel now, being free from its hold. Freedom and openness Vs. bondage and fear… Kinda speaks volumes about creators direction for us doesn’t it?

Peace in knowing you are aligned when you feel united, whole and spiritually free. Kudos and great blessings to you My sister for going within to see what’s really there!