The Heart of a Child asks about writing books.

It’s Just TOOOO daaaaarn pure of heart to not share!!!!

Dear Jennifer I am writing you a letter about your books because I have a book report to do and I love how you did your book (angels in the woods) it is so powerful. I really enjoyed it really much. It is good to read. I Love You Jennifer and I hope you could cut my hair again. God bless you, love Aaliyah.
Oh, and please write back and answer the questions as soon as possible. How did you feel like when writing a book? Was it tiring? Was it fun and did you have to do a lot of copies?

Original letter…


Response… My dearest Aaliyah thank you so much for choosing to do your book report on my book “Angels in the Woods!” What a very special treat it is for me! Especially after all the heart and hard work I put into it!

I’m very impressed that you could feel the power in the book. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it so much. I think what’s really cool about the book is that there are so many joyful characters. I bet you are the only kid in class who has your name in a book! Maybe even some of the children in your class are named after the characters too!

You asked me to answer a few questions for your school book report and I will be so happy to do that.
You wanted to know how I felt when writing the book. Well, I felt like a child! I felt like I was living the adventure with Whitney and Grayson as I was writing their journey on the paper! I also felt very grateful for being able to share my vision in such a magical way. Most of all, I felt hopeful for children and adults who might be going through hard times, hoping that the book would help them feel better.

You also wanted to know if writing the book was tiring. I have to say no. It was not tiring writing the book at all because the words just flowed right out of me onto the paper. It was a magical journey, so I stayed wide awake because I didn’t want to miss the story unfolding! haha  But, after we write a book, we need to edit it, over and over again to make sure we have spelled words correctly and put punctuation in its place. Now, that’s where the hard work comes in and that was the only part which made me tired. But I didn’t stay tired for too long because I always enjoy the story no matter how many times I read it.

You also wanted to know if I had to make a lot of copies and the answer to that question is Yes! Yes! Yes!
I made so many copies I lost track!  I had to make a lot of copies while I was editing the book and then I had to print copies of the book for all the people who wanted to buy it. Then,  I made even more copies so I could pass them out to children and adults who were having hard times.

I do hope I have answered your questions fully.  I would like to close letting you know that it doesn’t take a lot of work to write a book when you let your imagination flow out of your heart. That is what creative people call their inner muse, and the muse is in all hearts –  so grab a pen and paper and let your imagination flow sharing your own magical stories!

May love, hope, and inspiration hug you tightly!